Phil Neville commented on speculation the arrival of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Its founders came Academy ‘ 92 Manchester United were assessing the Sweden striker will be The Next Eric Cantona at Old Trafford.

ibrahimovic with mourinho

Ibrahimovic predicted would THY rivals next season. After the official decided would flee from Paris Saint-Germain player was directly so tall shooting coach Jose Mourinho later.

It apparently makes Phil Nevill recalled striker Cantona figure, with The Red Devils in the 1992-1997. But not in a bad way, the younger brother of Gary Neville was precisely the player nicknamed “Ibracadabra flattering.

“Zlatan reminds me to Cantona. He knows he’s good and when in the field. He is a world class goal scorer who has been tested, “said Neville cited, Friday (27/5/2016).

“I think he could be perfect for playing Old Trafford. Aalkan not blocking (Marcus) Rashford and (Anthony) Martial, then I’ll be happy, “harapnya.

Ibrahimovic’s arrival to Old Trafford is indeed just wait for the time. Because Mourinho has already officially designated so coaches and ready to find his first student.

Everything supposedly there is a charmer. Similarly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Players ahead of Paris Saint-Germain is touted as one of the best strikers in the world.

A football analyst from Goal, Brian Oliver, wrote that this Sweden midfielder average scored three goals in seven games in the Champions League. Simply fantastic.

But each time facing the team that coached Jose Mourinho, his fate is always the apes: never once did score. Even worse than that.

Since moving from Inter Milan on 2009, he had several times met with Mourinho’s team. When grazing in Barcelona, he faced Inter Milan Jose Mourinho’s run.

Whereas when the joint AC Milan, he had to deal again with Mourinho, who this time Real Madrid for directing. And, lastly, when defending the PSG, his team at the moment, he is against Chelsea, who shot on Mourinho.

Of all the meetings, not once did Ibrahimovic scoring. It’s no surprise if Mourinho is touted as the Conqueror aka charmer Ibrahimovic.

What is the secret of Mourinho? Does not exist. MOU, so Mourinho saluted, coached Ibrahimovic in Inter Milan in the summer of 2008-2009. They reach for the scudetto, and Ibrahimovic was named best foreign player.

“We worked together for one season. It was an extraordinary season and I am very sorry at the moment leaving Inter, “said Ibrahimovic.

Emile Heskey, Liverpool, said the former player for one year that Mourinho has absorbed all of the characters playing for inter. This is what makes the barren Ibrahimovic each time facing his team.

“He has studied all things about Ibrahimovic, not just how to play but also his emotions. He knew exactly what could make the Brazilian upset and break down its concentration, “said Heskey.

Mourinho does not respond to analysis of Heskey. According to this, Portugal coach has to do with Ibrahimovic. “He’s one of the best players I have ever trained,” he said.

Later Wednesday, Ibrahimovic could break the bad record as Paris Saint-Germain challenging Chelsea in the second round of the Champions League will take place at Stamford Bridge, London.